The Most Important School Supplies To Donate

The Most Important School Supplies To Donate

The schools in our various communities are such an integral part of raising children. Yet many schools often deal with budget issues and supply droughts. Every parent wants to feel like they’re giving their child the best education they possibly can, but when the school suffers, so do the children. That’s why it’s crucial that we do everything we can to support our local schools through fundraising and donations. Here are some of the most important school supplies to donate if you want to make a difference for both the teachers and children.


One of the best ways to support a school near you is to make sure the children attending it have all the supplies they need. For some people, these supplies can be cost-prohibitive, and helping out through your donations can make a big impact. Backpacks are essential school items for children, but many use old and worn-down ones. Your donation can make a child’s life in school much easier.

Notebooks and Paper

Despite the digitization of the world, paper is still a sorely needed resource that schools require. Donations of paper are all well and good but donating notebooks to your local school can help to support the children there even more. The advantages of taking notes on paper rather than a screen are well-documented, and many children remember things better when they write them down on paper.


Organization is a skill that not every child is born with. Many teachers can also struggle with organizing their files for class without the proper resources. Binders, such as three-ringed binders, as well as folders, allow students to compartmentalize their learning and recall information faster. Teachers also benefit from these organizational products as they allow them to run their classrooms smoother and more efficiently.

Sanitation Items

There’s no denying the fact that children can be major carriers of germs and disease. Sanitation products have become much more in demand recently, but schools desperately need them to ensure the safety of each student and faculty member that shows up each day. If you can spare some of your sanitation products, such as hand soap, tissue paper, and liquid sanitizer, you can do your part to keep students healthy.

Educational Toys and Games

Some of the most important school supplies to donate for younger children are toys and games that also have an educational aspect. You can’t expect a kindergartner to stay still and focused during a lecture; they need something more stimulating to keep their attention. If your children have grown out of their toy phase and you know the toys can still be useful, consider donating them to help support younger students.

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