Buying Tickets to Local Events the Easy Way



Do you ever purchase tickets to local sporting events, family events or concerts? If so, then you might want to check out  this website lets you bid on tickets and guarantees that you will save on every ticket and no additional fees.

 score big

I tried it the last time I purchased tickets to the Detroit Tigers and here’s how it works:


  1. You can either set up an account or use the website as a guest
  2. Choose the event you are interested in attending
  3. Choose the general area of the seats  you would like
  4. The website provides you with the normal price for these tickets and then asks you to enter what you would like to pay for the tickets.  There is a “success meter” near the bottom to let you know the likelihood of your bid being successful. 
  5. After a few attempts my bid was accepted.  Tigers vs. Red Sox’s here we come!
  6. I immediately received an email confirming my purchase and instructions on the how the tickets could be obtained. 1 photo

Of course I tried to see how low I could go – the first tickets I wanted were normally priced around $70 per ticket, so I bid $25 a piece REJECTED, I upped the price to $35 REJECTED again!  Once your bid is declined twice in a row you are locked out for 24 hours, unless you want to bid on tickets in a different seating area.  I went back after 24 hours and changed my bid – voila it worked. 


Once my bid went through I received instructions on how to get my tickets.  The tickets will be sent FedEx, emailed to your account or placed at the will call window for you to pick up.


I have to say it was a very easy process.


For more information you can connect with ScoreBig in the following ways:



I received a free promo code to try the website.  All opinions are 100% my own and honest.  

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