The Best Outdoor Fall Activities for Families

The Best Outdoor Fall Activities for Families

Fall is the season where you can let loose with your family and enjoy the cool days with apple cider, pumpkin-spiced scented things, and carved pumpkins. Get your family on their feet by trying one of the best outdoor fall activities for families.

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Fall-Inspired Scavenger Hunt

Fall isn’t only for kids; adults can join in on the fun, too. Get everyone in your family involved on a fun fall-inspired scavenger hunt. The kids can forage for items such as pretty leaves or rocks, for instance. Make the activity even more fun by writing fall-themed riddles that eventually lead you to a pumpkin patch where you can all pick out some pumpkins to bring home.

Stash a Geocache

Another fun alternative to a scavenger hunt is to go geocaching, which is a fun game played in real-time all around the world. Here’s how it works: a small box is placed in a secret area—such as in the woods—and is filled with objects by other players. If you take something from the box, then you need to leave something in return. Create a geocache for your family by placing fun fall-themed items into a container, tell them where it is, and have fun as they search for it.

Hold an Apple-Cider Tea Party

Hold the tea, but bring the apple cider. If you want to bring more people together to celebrate fall, consider hosting a community-wide event at the park where families can bring fall-themed foods and drinks for everyone else to sample and enjoy. It’s a great time to socialize, try delicious fall foods, and enjoy the crisp weather. An apple-cider tea party is a fantastic way to have fun before winter arrives.

Go on a Fall Train Ride

You can create some great memories by going on a fall train ride. Look in your community to find any historic trains that have fun train rides for the entire family to enjoy. Ask if they have apple cider or a pumpkin spiced-flavored drink to go along with it, too. The gorgeous fall colors will whiz past your train window as your family spends time together. Going on a train ride during this beautiful time is a fantastic activity you’ll surely want to do again next fall—who knows, maybe you’ll even make it a tradition.

Soak in One Final Ball Game

Everyone enjoyed so many baseball games this summer we didn’t want them to end. So, take in one final night of baseball with your family by attending a professional, minor, or traveling league baseball game. Usually, the final nights of ball games have fun activities and events to celebrate the last days of summer and close out the season. If your family loves baseball, this is a great option. You can spend time together, enjoy your favorite sport, and celebrate the season all at the same time.

As fall rounds the corner, we finally get to dress in our favorite fall cardigans and taste the latest seasonal drink from a local coffee shop. We get to experience the wonderful change as summer’s humidity goes away and is replaced with the crispness of fall. The leaves change color in magnificent displays. Fall is such a beautiful time; so you’ll have a blast experiencing the best outdoor fall activities for families in this article.

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