Things to Consider When You’re Building a Tree House

Things to Consider When You’re Building a Tree House

Childhood is a time of exploration and imagination, and nothing embodies these ideals quite like a tree house. Tree houses are perfect for kids enjoying nature and creating their own little worlds. However, there are many things to consider when you’re building a tree house in your yard. Read on to learn more.

Your Own Knowledge

There are a lot of home projects you can completely DIY even without experience. Unless you have a background in construction, carpentry, and arboriculture, don’t let building a tree house be one of them. A lot can go wrong, and the consequences could fall back on you, your tree, or your child. Consult a building expert and a certified arborist to help you make your plans.

The Health of the Tree

Trees are synonymous with strength and stability. However, just because a tree is old or tall doesn’t mean it is a good candidate to hold up a tree house. Consider sturdy, hardwood tree varieties like:

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Fir
  • Apple
  • Hickory

Even trees that have been in your yard for ages may be sick or dying without you realizing it. Examine the tree thoroughly for branch stability and signs of illness or tree death. A certified arborist can help you make the call if you aren’t sure.

Local Building Restrictions

You may remember the story from a few years ago about the family in Ann Arbor who got into a battle with the city over whether they could keep an elaborate tree house in their backyard. To avoid a similar fate, make sure you take your plans for your tree house to the city to check if you need building permits. Also, talk with your homeowner’s association and neighbors to make sure they won’t have any complaints.

Tree houses take time, effort, and money. But despite the many consideration for building a tree house, the effort is well worth it. Your child will have a place to play and make memories that last a lifetime.

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