Loving Yourself Through Fashion

Loving Yourself Through Fashion

How many times have you passed by a mirror and avoided your reflection? If I look back when I was younger, I never missed the opportunity to look at myself even through a window. What happened? What changed? Something incredible happens when we become mothers. We give everything to our kids to the point that we forget to look deeply within ourselves. We only see our bulges, wrinkles, and stretch marks. We become so afraid to show our bodies especially because we are bombarded with images of perfect women. Flawless, and the external appearance seems to be the only important aspect of our lives. It seems that our value is correlated to our weight and image. Don’t you agree?

How can we deal with this problem?

Here are a few simple solutions:

  1. Don’t get trapped in the social media world….its not reality….not even close to reality!
  2. Don’t look at size tags. Sizing inflation is also a big problem. In the U.S., someone who purchased a size 0 a few years  years ago, might not have fit into a size 8 in 1958. And, what about today?
  3. Don’t cover up your body under shapeless clothes. Find the right cut, materials, and colors that are more flattering on you (and I’m not talking about always choosing black).
  4. Stop thinking about what others think about your body. It’s YOUR body and you need to love it and appreciate it! You gave life to a human being. You fight everyday for your kids and your family. Your body deserves love and respect from you before anyone else. 

We only have one body and we must highlight it’s beautiful aspects! Take a deep look in your mirror and compliment yourself everyday for something, like your cheeks, ears, legs, hips (that helped you to carry your baby so well), etc. When you start sending positive messages to yourself, you will discover that you are special, unique, irreplaceable, and beautiful in your own way. I guarantee your perception will change and your confidence will rise!

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Raffaella Moda

Detroit Mommies Fashion Expert, Raffaella Moda. Raffaella is an image/wardrobe consultant who strives to help women and men look and feel their best, gain confidence, and develop a style that is uniquely a reflection of themselves. She is raising her family here in Michigan but was born and raised in Italy where she earned a degree in piano performance and then later earned a degree in liberal arts here in the USA. In 2009, she decided to pursue her dream to help people find their inner-confidence through fashion. Certified through the American College of Professional Styling, Raffaella is the "go-to" Mom for fashion advice and motivation.

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