Protect your Summer devices from the Summer heat

Protecting Tech Devices in Summer Heat

Protect your Summer devices from the Summer heat

How to Protect Your Tech Devices from the Summer Heat

Many people may not realize it’s important to protect your devices from both the harsh heat and the bitter cold. And that there some cool apps out there to help you beat the heat and be properly dressed for it as well. Here are some suggestions from AT&T.

App possibilities: Drinking Water and Water Your Body remind you to stay hydrated and keep track of how much water you’re drinking. And also Cloth, which tells you what to wear, depending on the temperatures. Other useful apps in hot weather are Weather Channel (focus on UV Index, humidity, etc.) and AccuWeather.

Here’s a link to the AT&T website that includes info on getting tech ready for summer.

Hot weather tips for devices included below:

    • Seek the Shade. Direct, intense sunlight can wear down your battery and cause temporary loss of the screen display. Instead, seek an umbrella or any type of shade to stash away your device while enjoying the sunshine.
    • Don’t Stack. Don’t stack your smartphone on your tablet on top of your laptop. It’s important to give your devices some breathing room – inside and especially outside. Leaving them stacked in the sun is only going to conduct heat and cause your battery to burn out.
    • Keep It Clean. Chances are in the hot weather, you’re going to be outside and at some point near a pool, beach or lake with sand, suntan lotion and water present.  A waterproof case will keep the dirt, grime, and water off your phone.  Also, check your pockets – it’s very common to jump into a pool without realizing your phone is in your swim trunks!
    • Don’t Leave Items in the Car. Keep your phone and tablet in a cool place – don’t leave your phone in a hot car or trunk. Mobile phones can retain heat very quickly. Extreme heat can damage a wireless device. Keep your smartphone and/or tablet with you, either in a purse, briefcase or backpack. And while driving, don’t place it on the dashboard in direct sunlight.
    • Don’t Handle When Hot. Never handle a phone when it’s too hot to touch. Bring it to a cool place and leave it alone until it’s safe to touch. Certain mobile devices may actually warn you from using the device until it cools down.

This list is very helpful information for all of us. I know I sometimes forget! You always think this can’t happen to you… Unfortunately it can!

Thank you, AT&T!

Written by Courtney Rix Velasquez Lawless

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