The Best Vintage Home Décor Ideas

The Best Vintage Home Décor Ideas

Deciding how to redesign your home can be a challenge for the eccentric. When you enjoy so many different themes and types of décor, you may choose to pick none if you can’t decide on one. If you’ve been contemplating the best vintage home décor ideas, rest assured that you can have the best of both worlds. Whether you disagree with a housemate (or yourself) over which theme—or themes—to choose, let this guide show you the way it is done.

Decide on a Room Theme

It can be difficult to decide on a theme even if you already know that you want the décor in your home to be vintage. You have many different styles to choose from, and if you really love vintage décor, choosing just one may be the most challenging part. Some themes are about nostalgia while others are more about the aesthetic. Still, some themes may speak to your love of history and the need to preserve ancient artifacts. Various vintage décor themes include:

  • Mid-century
  • Victorian
  • Letterpress
  • Steampunk
  • Gothic
  • Baroque
  • Art nouveau
  • Art deco
  • Retro

Incorporate Multiple Vintage Designs

When your home décor is inspired by a theme, it can become overwhelming. Do not be afraid to mix and match themes to enhance the appearance of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. You can blend two themes together or a vintage theme with modern décor. The general rule is to use one theme in 80 percent of your home décor and the other theme in 20 percent on your décor. You will strike a beautiful balance with this formula.

Decorate With Antiques

The best way to convey your theme is to acquire a few pieces from the period you are trying to convey. If you are unable to get genuine articles, aim for remakes so that your theme comes together. You don’t have to use these items for their originally intended use. Old suitcases can be piled up and turned into a table. Use a curio or china cabinet to display delft, crystal, and other antique glassware. An old armoire can be engineered to be a workbench or desk.

Pro Tip: Look around your local shops for antique and upcycle stores that may have what you need.

Keep It Rustic

You can’t go wrong with rustic furnishings and home décor when you want your home to look vintage. You might be able to save items from your childhood, rummage through your grandma’s closet, or go to an auction to find unique treasures that you can use in your home décor. Not only will these items make your house look one-of-a-kind, but they will be personal to you because they were handed down through your family or another person’s, and you were the one who sought it out.

Once you begin hunting for antiques and other historic relics, you might need more than your living room for all the treasures that you find. Keep these tips for the best vintage home décor ideas nearby as you begin incorporating old-fashioned decorations into your house.

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