How to Establish a Morning Routine for Your Kids

How to Establish a Morning Routine for Your Kids

Your children thrive when they have enough rest and a loose structure around their day. Kids need a certain level of stability in their lives. If you’ve always wanted to create structure in your household, read about how to establish a morning routine for your kids.

Start With Sleep

It goes without saying that the morning comes after the night. But what happens during the night will impact how your children experience the morning. Did they get a full eight or ten hours? Were they up and about throughout the night? A quality morning routine means establishing healthy sleep patterns. Your kids need a consistent sleep routine, even on weekends. Set a bedtime that makes sense for their age and double-check they are actually asleep before turning in yourself.

Prepare the Night Before

Unless you are a morning person, the majority of parents struggle to get up in the morning with a cheerful and alert attitude. Likely, your mind is slower, so don’t add another task to the to-do list. Instead, prepare the simple things the night before. You can pack your children’s lunches and lay out their outfits before the new day dawns. Be sure to check the weather ahead of time so your kids can dress properly in layers and wear temperature-appropriate attire. If you have trouble keeping track of these tasks, you can use a morning routine chart with these nighttime tasks at the top.

Connect and Transition

Your child needs time to connect with you and transition into the day. Though some kids are morning risers and wake up with vigor, many need some encouragement to begin their morning. If your child doesn’t want to get out of bed, snuggle or sit with them for a few minutes and help them break out of the grogginess. Connect with them and ask them about their sleep and their dreams. Then, transition them into the morning routine. Once you get the ball rolling, they will feel motivated to complete the other tasks.

Use these tips for how to establish a morning routine for your kids as you introduce the new idea. With a few days and weeks of practice, your kids will grow to enjoy and appreciate their little morning routine.

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