Tips for Parents to Give to Teen Drivers

Tips for Parents to Give to Teen Drivers

Whether you’re at the stage of letting them drive off alone or still getting there, the idea of giving your kids the keys to the car is always a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, it’s great to see them grow up and take on the world. On the other, it’s terrifying to trust that the knowledge they gained in school is going to keep them safe. These are some tips for parents to give to teen drivers once they can drive alone.

Never Drive Inebriated

While every parent wants to believe in their kids to stay out of trouble, it’s important to instill good ideologies before anything happens. The last thing you want is for them to drive home worried that you’re going to punish them for acting rashly. When it comes to intoxication, it’s best to advise them to call you if they aren’t able to drive home. It’s also a good idea to communicate with them that it’s better to stay at a safe location overnight rather than attempting to drive if you can’t pick them up.

Practice Defensive Driving

Yes, for young drivers, the lessons of driver’s ed are likely fresh in their minds. However, understanding how to deal with aggressive drivers and habits is a skill learned over time. Successfully applying those practices on the road also helps keep the vehicle in good condition. One of the many ways to extend the longevity of your brakes is to know when to slow down properly. Braking softly and gradually rather than abruptly reduces the amount of wear they experience.

Practice the Rule of Hazards

The rule of hazards is simple: for every driving hazard present on the road, there should be at least one car length between your teen’s car and the one in front of them. This rule should mitigate any potential distractions or lack of reaction to sudden accidents. For example, driving down a rainy road at night implies that a two-car distance is the ideal one to maintain for the remainder of the trip.

While letting your young ones go out as independent individuals is a terrifying concept, it is an eventuality that every parent must accept. Hopefully, by considering these tips for parents to give to teen drivers, you can prepare them well so that they stay safe. Rest easy knowing they’re ready to take care of themselves in the future.

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