Tips for Planning the Perfect Last-Minute Vacation

Tips for Planning the Perfect Last-Minute Vacation

Maybe you want more fun with your kids before they start the school year, or perhaps you scored a good travel deal. Last-minute vacations are fun for the whole family! However, it’s challenging to plan a trip in a short time. Luckily, these tips for planning the perfect last-minute vacation can help.

Keep It Local

Although a voyage to a Greek island or Caribbean coast sounds amazing, those trips require lots of planning (sometimes a year in advance). For your trip, it’s best to keep plans local. You don’t necessarily have to stay within your state, but overseas trips can quickly become complicated to plan.

Get a Precise Head Count

An important tip for planning a last-minute vacation is to get a precise head count. How many people will attend the trip? Count the members of your family and think of other guests. Perhaps you extend the invitation to your sibling and their kids, or maybe you invite a few friends. A precise head count will help you book activities, lodging, and the right transportation method.

Create a Diverse Itinerary

Sometimes, the best memories come from last-minute plans. Create a diverse activity list that will spark everyone’s interest. Whether it’s an afternoon at the waterpark or trip to the museum, think of fun plans. Additionally, make sure everyone knows the itinerary beforehand so they can pack accordingly. For instance, a tip for summer feet is to wear the appropriate shoes for activities. So, if you plan a hike, tell everyone to bring athletic shoes.

Book an Airbnb

One cost-effective way to travel with your family is to book shelter in advance. Of course, many vacations start with transportation and lodging, and this is no different. However, hotels can fill up fast or hike up prices for last-minute travelers. To save money, you should book an Airbnb. Depending on the space, you will have more than enough room to house your family and friends!

Be Aware of “Too Good To Be True” Deals

The old saying, “If something is too good to be true, it probably is” applies to vacations. Be aware of last-minute deals that seem sketchy. For example, $100 round trip airfare or extremely discounted excursions may be a scam (or packed with hidden fees). Before booking any plans, read the details to ensure that everything is legit.

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