ZALA Clip-in Extensions Review

ZALA Clip-in Extensions Review – Must Read

In the past few years, clip-in extensions have become a trendy way to boost hair volume and
length. The reason: they allow you to instantly transform your look without a long-term
commitment to extensions. You can apply, remove, and reapply these hair wefts in minutes
without going to a salon.

Today, a wide variety of clip-in extensions are available – from clip-ins made from synthetic
fibers to the ones made from natural human hair. But anyone who has experience with different
extension brands will know that not all of them are created equal. Many of them don’t last long,
while others don’t look natural or are difficult to apply. But the good news is that there are also great clip-in extension brands to choose from, with Zala being one of the leading ones. That’s why we’ve decided to review Zala clip-in hair extensions in this post.

Keep reading to find out why Zala clip-in human hair extensions are the best choice for

Made from 100% Remy Human Hair
One of the most important factors to consider when buying clip-in extensions is the quality of the
hair. The best thing about Zala clip-ins is that these extensions are made from 100% Remy
human hair! But what is Remy human hair, you ask!

Well, Remy hair is the highest quality available and is usually found exclusively in high-end
extensions. In general, extensions made from Remy human hair look entirely natural. The hair
strands have the cuticles intact, so you can rest assured that the extensions will go with your
natural hair’s flow, direction, and movement. Plus, Zala’s Remy clip-in extensions are super soft and silky. You’ll have no problem blending them when you create your favorite hair looks. And, you can treat these wefts just like your own hair.

Double-Drawn and Triple-Wefted
Zala clip-in extensions are double-drawn, meaning the hair strands are drawn through a series
of processes to achieve consistency in thickness and length. This means you get full length,
thickness, and volume, from the roots to the ends of each strand. The best part? Double-drawn
extensions blend seamlessly with all hair lengths, including short hair.

Next, hair extensions by Zala are triple-wefted. This means each weft features three layers of
hair. Unlike single and double-wefted extensions that are thin and less voluminous, Zala
extensions come with generous hair, making them fuller, thicker, and denser.

Small, Durable Silicone Coated Clips
The clips that come with the clip-in extensions can make or break the look and feel of
extensions. You certainly don’t want the clips to break, cause you any discomfort, or become
visible through the extensions.

Zala clip-in extensions have small silicone-coated clips, so they’re resistant to breakage and
comfortable to wear. Also, their small size means they won’t be noticeable, and the extensions
will look fully natural. The silicone coating also makes them less likely to cause any damage to
your hair and scalp.

Easy to Apply, Remove, and Reapply
Since you’ll install and remove clip-in extensions multiple times, you want the process to be
easy and less time-consuming. But some clip-in extensions are difficult to install and remove, so
the process feels like it takes forever.

With Zala extensions, you can apply, remove, and reapply the wefts in minutes without causing
any damage to your hair. And you don’t need to visit a salon to apply or remove these
extensions since you can easily DIY the process.

Available in Multiple Lengths and Shades
If you’ve used hair extensions in the past, you know how hard it can be to find the right length
and shade for your hair. But not with Zala, because this company produces hair extensions in
various shades and lengths. With lengths ranging from 12 to 30 inches and 27+ shades, it’s
super easy to find a suitable shade and length for your hair.

There are many lesser-known brands that produce poor-quality clip-in extensions. Typically, you
can only expect to get a few wears out of them. But Zala has a rigorous quality assurance
process in place, and each weft goes through this process to ensure it meets industry

The clip-in extensions by Zala are so durable they can last you four to seven months on
average with regular use. And if you use them occasionally, they could last even a year or more.
But remember that, like anything else, the care you put in will go a long way in making your
extensions last.

Reasonable Price
The price of clip-in extensions can vary depending on the brand, quality of the hair, and the
number of pieces in the set. It’s therefore no surprise that most leading extension brands come
with a premium price.

But not all premium-quality extensions are priced so high. For example, Zala’s clip-in wefts are
made from premium quality hair, but the company offers a friendly price point so you won’t go
broke getting great hair. You can get a set of these high-quality extensions in the range of $65
to $480, depending on the length and weight of the set. This makes Zala clip-ins an excellent
choice for everyone.

Excellent Customer Service
Another important factor that sets Zala apart from its competitors is its excellent customer
service. You can contact the company via phone, email, and social media to ask any questions
or place an order. Zala’s customer service team is very friendly, cooperative, and helpful.

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