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Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Science

Is science your child’s favorite subject in school? While your kids will learn a lot from their science lessons in school, you can still provide them with supplemental learning and information through out-of-school activities. Here are three creative ways to encourage your child’s interest in science.

Visit a Natural History Museum

Your child may visit natural history museums and science camps as field trips through school, but if not—or if your child loved the experience the first time—consider taking a family trip to your local field museum or science center. Museums are perfect places for kids to have fun while also learning along the way. Your kids can visit breathtaking geological and paleontological sites, study ecology, and even learn astronomy by studying the stars. Museums cover a wide range of subjects while keeping the information engaging and fun, and trips like these are an effective way to inspire your child’s interest in science.

Obtain Some Home Science Equipment

Another way to help your kids stay invested in science outside of school is to bring science class into your home through different pieces of equipment; for example, you could invest in a student-grade microscope. These pieces of lab equipment are easy to use for both students and parents. Your kids will have fun taking samples from outdoors and around the house and observing them under a microscope. This ability to engage in scientific activities is just one reason why affordable microscopes are so important for families and schools alike.

Observe Science in Everyday Life

Using a home microscope is just one way to observe science in everyday life; there are plenty of other real-life examples and methods you can use to teach your children science through daily life. For example, take your kids for a walk on a local hiking trail—the great outdoors is a perfect place to point out examples from their science lessons and teach your children more about the environment, ecosystems, and the circle of life. You could even go bird or wildlife watching.

If you’re looking for creative ways to encourage your child’s interest in science, try these activities for yourself. You’ll be surprised how much knowledge your children can gain outside school hours when you add fun activities to the mix.

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