6 Cleaning Mistakes That You’re Probably Making at Home

6 Cleaning Mistakes That You’re Probably Making at Home

Some people have a game plan, while others rapidly pick things up as company is on the way. With the help of a few cleaning hacks every parent should know, you can have a clean and safe environment for you and your family. But first, let’s clear up some of the cleaning mistakes that you’re probably making at home.

Not Changing Your Bedsheets Regularly

One CDC recommendation that you’re probably not following at the moment is their recommendation to change your bedsheets once a week. If you aren’t on this routine, you could leave your family exposed to germs, allergens, and dead skin cells. Make sure you thoroughly clean everything by adding baking soda to your detergent.

Don’t Forget the Mattress

Also, don’t forget about your mattress pads. These cushions trap dust mites where we lay our heads every night—so make sure you wash them away too.

Forgetting to Clean Your Coffee Maker

You’re probably neglecting your coffee maker. It provides you with energy to face the day, but without proper maintenance, a dirty coffee maker can affect your morning cup’s taste. Plus, the entire thing can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and yeast.

How to Clean It

Use soap and water to scrub all of the removable parts. Then, run equal parts of water and vinegar through the reservoir once, followed by a clean water cycle.

Using the Same Sponge to Clean Everything

You may think that using a sponge to clean everything is more efficient than using multiple cleaning tools. But in reality, it’s the opposite—you’re exposing yourself and your family to foodborne illnesses.

Spreading Germs

A sponge can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It also provides an ideal surface for bacteria to stick on your dishes, utensils, or countertops after you’ve used them. This means that when you use the same sponge multiple times during one cleaning session, you transfer all of those germs onto everything else in sight. So you’re likely to get sick more often, and these germs might go onto household items that kids could put in their mouths.

Outdoor Cleanup

We spend so much time making our indoors presentable that we often overlook our front porch and patio. Take a moment to sweep away debris and clean up any spills immediately. Little feet will track in all kinds of outdoor messes, so adding a doormat or entryway rug can help cut down on what you track inside.

What to Clean

Seasonally, you may consider power washing the walkway leading to your porch. If you have an outdoor flag of any kind, this would also be a great time to inspect, clean, and maintain your flag so that it stays bright.

Using Harmful Chemicals

There are many chemicals that you can use to clean your home. Some of these contain harmful substances that could cause damage to your health or the environment.

What To Buy

If you’re unsure of what product to buy, look for the label “green,” which indicates that it’s environmentally friendly and free from toxins.

Not Dusting Everywhere

All dust has to go! This might be one cleaning mistake we’re all probably making at home.

Harmful Dust

Dust can harbor germs, bacteria, allergens, and other nasties that can irritate the people in your home. Dust also accumulates on your AC unit, which could malfunction if left unchecked.

If you’ve been making these mistakes, don’t feel bad. They’re all easy to correct. If you want to get started, we recommend planning out your weekly cleaning schedule and assigning chores if you have others to help tackle these tasks.

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