Simple Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby

Simple Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby

Teething is a significant milestone for a baby. Your child’s new teeth will help them talk more clearly and chew through exciting new foods.

But teething can also be an uncomfortable or even painful process for your little one. Help your child feel better with these simple tips for soothing a teething baby.

1. Rub Your Baby’s Gums

Gently rubbing your baby’s gums can ease the discomfort of teething because pressure often alleviates pain—think of how you might grab your foot after stubbing your toe on furniture. You can swipe over your child’s tender gums with a clean finger or wet gauze. Your baby will appreciate this massage, and helping your little one feel comfortable is one of the keys to easing your baby into a naptime routine.

2. Chill a Pacifier or Teething Toy

A pacifier or teething toy can be the perfect tool for your child to self-soothe. When you choose a pacifier, select a teething pacifier that will help meet your child’s specific needs. Chilling—not freezing—the pacifier or teething toy will offer great relief to your child by lightly numbing some of the discomfort.

3. Offer Cold Food

The next simple tip for soothing a teething baby is to offer cold food. Consider options such as chilled mashed fruit, frozen breastmilk, or formula popsicles. These treats will give your child the nutrition they need while comforting them. As always, monitor your child as they eat and choose age-appropriate food to avoid choking hazards.

4. Blot Away Drool

It’s a given that babies drool, but teething babies often drool more than usual. When saliva stays on your baby’s skin for a long time, it can cause a drool rash to develop. Use a clean, soft cloth moistened with warm water to blot away drool—blotting is gentler than wiping and less likely to irritate your baby’s skin.

Next, dry the skin completely by blotting with a clean rag. Finally, apply an ointment, such as petroleum jelly, to create a barrier over the skin and soothe your baby.

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