Tips for Easing Your Baby Into a Naptime Routine

Tips for Easing Your Baby Into a Naptime Routine

When it comes to establishing a naptime routine, every baby is different. Easing your baby into a routine prevents them from getting cranky while allowing the rest of the family to get a better night’s rest. There are many reasons why your baby may be taking shorter naps or not napping at all, so alleviate this issue and help your baby achieve a healthy sleep schedule with our tips.

Create a Cozy Sleeping Environment

If you want to encourage your baby to sleep, you must create a relaxing sleep environment for them. The room you place them in should be dark and quiet. If your baby naps in a crib with too much extra space, swaddle them and put them on their back, giving them less room to roll over.

Keep a Consistent Routine

To get the most out of a naptime routine, ensure that you are consistent when putting the baby down for a nap. If you follow the same schedule by taking naps at a set time for the same length, the baby will more likely follow your napping schedule. Of course, you cannot follow the routine precisely every time, but sticking to a set schedule as much as possible makes for an easier process of putting the child down for a nap.

Temperature Control

No matter the season, the ideal room temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything outside those temperatures can make the baby too hot or cold and unable to fall asleep. To ensure your baby naps for the full amount of time, monitor and adjust the temperature in the room as needed.

Become Familiar With Signs of Sleepiness

Know when your baby is ready for a name by becoming familiar with the signs of sleepiness. If the baby is rubbing their eyes, being fussy, or has droopy eyelids, they are letting you know it is time for a nap. Take quick action and put the baby down for a nap as soon as possible; ignoring these signs can impact your sleep schedule when the baby is restless from not having enough sleep.

It may take some patience to ease your baby into a naptime routine but start as quickly as possible to get on a consistent schedule. If your baby isn’t getting enough sleep, you are not either. Be patient and find the proper techniques to help the baby sleep during naptime.

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