How to Throw a Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

How to Throw a Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

Whether you are celebrating your child’s first birthday or you have a couple under your belt, you can’t deny that each one is as exciting as the last. There is no better feeling than the joy of commemorating yet another year of your child’s life. The most amazing part of being a parent is watching your child’s personality develop—their likes, dislikes, and everything in between. If one of those likes happens to be dinosaurs, you can use that to make their next birthday party with that theme. Here’s how to throw a unique party they won’t forget.

Pick an Avenue

In our modern times, dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes—they are fluffy, cutesy, or downright scary. To help solidify your theme, pick one avenue to go toward, as this will help make it easier to choose décor, treats, and invites. Locking the theme down will prevent any surprises down the road if your kid is expecting something different. As such, ask them how exactly they want their party to look.

Dino Décor

You can purchase so many things for décor when your kid’s birthday party is dinosaur-themed. You can have huge or small dinosaur-shaped balloons to decorate the area. If you want to do a little DIY, then you can also make a paper mâché dinosaur pinata egg. With dinosaurs, the possibilities for décor are endless.

Sprinkle in Games

The best part about a birthday party is the entertainment, so try to have a couple of areas where kids can play games—all dinosaur-themed, of course! If you go the historically accurate route, you could have a section during the party where you play an educational game. A fun one that doesn’t last long is asking them true or false questions about the misconceptions about the Mesozoic era. A game you can pull out of your back pocket is always helpful to pass the time as you wait for guests to filter in.

Party Favors

For kids, there is probably nothing more exciting than a party favor. Who wouldn’t want to receive a bag full of fun after a party? You can add “dinosaur eggs” that look eerily similar to M&M’s. If you want to add something other than sugar, you can include dinosaur pencils, erasers, and eye masks! What’s more, you can include your kid in making the goody bags—they will love choosing little dinosaur trinkets for their friends and family.

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