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No White After Labor Day They Say

No White After Labor Day They Say…

I never heard the rule, “No White After Labor Day,” until I moved to Michigan. Then, I learned that it is a rule that goes back to the nineteenth century. It was created to separate wealthy people that could afford to spend money during the cold months in the south, from the poor people that had to work and had no opportunity to move where the weather was warmer.

Let’s be honest, wearing all white is a lovely trend for the cold months. White is the color that represents transcendence and mystic experience. It symbolizes honesty, light, and vision. It feels weightless sometimes, probably because it is considered the absence of color. It’s actually, all colors coming together as one. In the western world, white symbolizes peace, purity, and helps with mental clarity. In the eastern world, it represents grief and sorrow. 

White makes all the contrast where volume and textures stand out. So it’s perfect if you want to use different materials and volume when choosing an all-white outfit. A total white outfit is one of my favorites even more in the wintertime.

Winter white clothes are romantic and beautiful. I advise trying different textures and different shades of white when choosing your clothing. Here are a few more tips on mastering this beautiful color:

Daytime Look

Wear white from head to toe to create a simple and chic outfit. I like to match pants and top in the same nuance of white. You can also add a vest or a coat in a darker shade of off-white.

Another perfect day look includes a pair of white sneakers, a cozy sweater, a heavy jacket with stretchy pants, and a balaclava. 

Nighttime Look

An all-white ensemble is very sophisticated and timeless. Love to wear a white fur coat over an off a white wool dress.  Also, try to accessorize a total white look with taupe shoes and a handbag. This look is super chic and sophisticated. 

What colors should I wear with white?

Best colors to wear with white? Pink or blue if it’s a more cold hue of white, or red if you are wearing a warmer tone of white. My fashion advice: Everyone can wear all white! It does not matter your age or size, I guarantee that you will look super glamorous in total winter white! Just make sure you dress via your cool or warm skin undertones.

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