Short, Curvy, and  Athletic? Here Are Some Fashion Tips For You

Short, Curvy, and Athletic? Here Are Some Fashion Tips For You

I have several athletic clients that love to learn how to dress and often ask how they can appear longer or/and leaner. The ultimate goal for petite women is to make their lower bodies appear longer and create the perfect proportion between their torso and legs. 

Below, I’ve provided some fashion tips and guidelines on how to look taller and slimmer.

Short, Curvy, and Athletic? Here Are Some Fashion Tips For You


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The first and most important matter for women who are shopping for new clothes is choosing the right fit! You can’t afford any extra material that adds bulk to the body. Also, you want to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Refrain from choosing pants or jackets that are too long that look like you stole them from someone’s else wardrobe.


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Make sure you keep everything in proportion. For example: choose a handbag that is proportionate to your body. An oversize bag will make you look smaller. If you like to wear a belt, make sure you match the color of the belt to the color of your pants or skirt to create a longer line and to make your bottom half look longer.

Long necklaces are great because they create a vertical line which ultimately is what we all need.


Pink jeans a pink top outfit styled by Detroit Fashion News style expert Raffaella Moda.

Sleeveless options create a long line that visually will add a few inches to your heights. 

Also, avoid long sleeves. Better to pick a sleeve on the shorter side. Wide and puffy sleeves can add too much “horizontal” volume and not look proportional to the rest of your body. The most flattering neckline is definitely the V Neck because again, it elongates your figure. 

Your tops should be short enough to create the rule of thirds. So always keep the length of your shirts at hipbone or even above it. Asymmetrical tops are a great option if you have a belly. 


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Cuff pants are cute but definitely, they don’t do any favors because they cut the leg shorter horizontally.  High-waisted pants are your best option if you pair them with a shorter top.

Striped pants are very flattering and elongating. Avoid puffy skirts because again, they create too much horizontal volume.


sleeveless denim dress

I particularly love buttoned shirt dresses. Make sure they stop above your knee and use a belt to define your waistline. A form-fitting dress is an easy way to go to look taller. Try to avoid full skirts. When you go wider, visually you shorten the body.

If you pick a pattern, stay with something small so it’s proportional to your size. 

Shoe Choice

Long sleeve denim dress styled by Detroit Fashion News stylist Raffaella Moda.

Nude pumps are the perfect combo with a skirt and a pointy toe is your best option. Shoes in the same color as your pants will create a longer line.

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