Holiday Parties…What Should I Wear?

Holiday Parties Are Just Around the Corner. What Should I Wear?

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and after so many months spent at home with not many reasons to get dressed up, I believe it’s even more challenging to figure out what to wear! I look at my closet and I see many beautiful clothes but sometimes I think that “I lost my touch”! What do people wear? Should I dress more casually than usual? What’s the dress code nowadays? 

But then I always decide to follow my gut! Most likely I would ask a question or two about the dress code before I attend a party or an event, but overall, I dress for myself. I dress to feel good, to wear some of the cutest pieces that are seating in my closet. I dress up because when I look at myself in the mirror I want to feel good, actually more than good! I want to feel the best version of myself! And if you feel good in your own skin (and your own outfit) automatically you are going to make a statement when you walk into a party! 

Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

If you don’t have to cook, great! You should pick a nice outfit, not too tight or revealing. No short skirts, low cut necklines. It’s your time to show so much class and politeness. It would be a great idea to bring a fun apron to wear in case your help is needed in the kitchen!

Work Holiday Party

Pick something chic and sophisticated and keep it professional!  A wrap dress is always a good option! Also keep in mind that there are other colors besides red, green, and white to wear during the holiday. There are many other festive colors to wear, like burgundy.  It’s a very flattering color that looks good at almost everyone. And don’t be afraid to pair it with some other fun colors or even some metallic! 

A Formal Affair

If you have your favorite LBD (little black dress) and you want to wear it for a more formal holiday party, make sure you create a more festive look by adding some colorful accessories. Like a scarf, or earrings and bracelet, a statement necklace, But even a pink blazer and metallic shoes are simply perfect with a black dress. Your other option is a pair of high-waisted pants paired with a dressy tank, a blazer, or even a black sweater. To make an all-black look more festive make sure to use the same criteria above. 

New Year’s Eve

Sequins don’t have to be just super fancy! Pair a sequin skirt with something more casual like a jeans jacket or a hoodie. You will be sparkling and comfy at the same time!

Night at Home Playing Board Games

If it’s an informal evening among close friends and you want to wear your favorite jeans… I will give you my permission!  Add a colorful blouse and high heels to elevate the super casual denim fabric. 

In any case, remember that getting dressed every day is a moment of joy and a way to express our personality and our mood! Play with clothes, have fun and always try to be the best version of yourself 😉

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