Simple Kid-Friendly Christmas Party Ideas to Try

Simple Kid-Friendly Christmas Party Ideas to Try

With the holidays in full force, Christmas parties will appear more common, especially amongst the young ones. Many parents struggle over what to contribute to these festive celebrations, but honestly, the options are nearly endless!

Whether you choose to stay traditional and send your child to their holiday occasion with a batch of your finest baked goods or switch it up with heartfelt Christmas cards, here are some simple kid-friendly Christmas party ideas to try this year that can make life easier.

Quick Holiday Treats

Of course, it isn’t a Christmas party without festive-themed food and snacks! While you certainly can bake or create any snack of your choosing, consider some of these delicious treat ideas to save you some time:

  • Reindeer Chow: This snack is puppy chow with a revamped name! If you’re unfamiliar with this snack’s preparation, it’s Chex Mix covered in peanut butter chocolate mix and shaken up with powdered sugar. You can add small chocolate candies and mini pretzels for a festive touch.
  • Snowman Treats: Those treats require minimal time and preparation since all you’ll need are pre-packaged Sno Ball cakes and treat sticks. Insert the treat sticks into the snack cake, pipe two eyes with frosting gel, and stick a small chocolate candy to the center to replicate a nose.
  • Cookie Snowman Pops: Start by sticking a treat stick into your favorite sandwich cookie, then dip the cookie into a batch of melted white chocolate or candy melt. Dip the covered treat one-third of the way into red decorative sugar and finish the festive snack with the snowman’s notable features.

Remember that many of these treats are single-serve items, so you might want to package them in a clear plastic treat bag for easier handling. Instead of using the standard metallic twist-ties, consider using festive ribbon to bring that added touch of Christmas spirit.

Fast, Fun, and Festive Activities

If making treats isn’t your strong suit, you can always supply fun activities that can keep the party going.

  • Christmas Bingo: This familiar game is a massive hit with audiences of all ages and allows the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.
  • Elf Charades: Charades is another enjoyable activity kids can try that requires imagination, creativity, and teamwork to win the game.

Effortless, Jubilant Party Favors

Party favors are another way to contribute to a children’s party without having to spend exuberant amounts of money and time.

  • Christmas Pudding Cups: Transform an ordinary single-serve pudding cup with a few cutout decorations to create festive theming each child will be sure to enjoy. You can use googly eyes and buttons to make the facial features of those well-known holiday pals.

The holidays are a busy time, and with getting ready for the usual holiday events, prepping for your child’s Christmas party can add additional stress. But you can let go of those worries by using any one of these simple kid-friendly Christmas party ideas for a quick, easy hack.

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