Quick and Easy Home Decorating Tricks for Busy Moms

Quick and Easy Home Decorating Tricks for Busy Moms

Managing your home isn’t easy when you have kids. You spend an entire day cleaning, and the next day, poof! Your hard work is undone in an instant. You’re not fond of the way your furniture is arranged, but you haven’t had time to rearrange it in forever. And decorating is a touchy subject—you’re afraid to display knickknacks because you know they’ll either end up shattered on your floor or in a curious toddler’s mouth.

How do you keep your home looking trendy and clean? Is it impossible? Should you give up and resign yourself to a life of messiness and disorganization for the next 18 years?

No! Don’t give up! Decorating your home isn’t easy when you have kids, but it’s not impossible. Here are some quick and easy home decorating tricks for busy moms to help you spruce up your house in the small amount of free time you have.

Storage Everywhere

Toys. They’re everywhere. Clothes and shoes, everywhere. Backpacks, schoolbooks, pens, and pencils… everywhere.

As a mom, you’re no stranger to mess. But you probably wish there was less of it in your home. Having a ton of storage will keep you organized and help you cut down on clutter within the home. Cube organizers make the ideal vacation home for Barbies and G.I Joes. Multi-drawer TV stands are a must for storing games and game consoles. Storage ottomans provide a place to rest your weary feet and a place to hide your favorite snacks and candies from your ravenous kids.

Indestructible Décor

Kids can easily wreck traditional forms of décor. That cute potted plant you keep in the kitchen? Well, it was generously watered with soda yesterday. The glass trinket on that easy-to-reach shelf? There’s a piece of it over there… and over there… and over there.

But do you want to know what kids can’t effortlessly destroy? Architectural decor. The next quick and easy home decorating trick for busy moms is to choose décor that’s virtually indestructible.

Appliques adhered with super-strength glue? Those aren’t budging. A heavy corbel centerpiece? Unless your tot has muscles to rival the Hulk’s, that’s not moving, either. Wood paneling? Unlike painted surfaces, paneling is easy to wash. No crayon or marker creations to see here!

Minimalism is Key

As a parent, less is more. Look around—how much of the furniture and décor that you have is actually necessary? Do you need all ten of those armchairs? Do you need that third side table?

For busy moms, a minimalist interior design is the key to having a clean and good-looking home. The less furniture and décor you have, the less home maintenance you have to perform.

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