Different Kinds of Candles for Your Home

Different Kinds of Candles for Your Home

Homeowners can improve the entire ambiance or mood of a room simply by adding a few well-placed candles. Guests will take notice and appreciate the soft, shimmering lights spread across your living room or office. Exploring the different kinds of candles for your home will open new doors of imagination for the interior decorator in you.

Tea Lights

Tea lights are small, but they tend to leave an impact if used correctly. Because they remain fastened within metal containers, they’re iconic and instantly recognizable. They burn out quickly, which makes them the excellent candle choice for small parties and gatherings. To get their full effect, you should light multiple at one time and keep them grouped close together.


These tall and thin candles will instantly improve your space. Of all the different kinds of candles for your home, taper candles are perhaps the most classic and elegant. Whether you’re setting the mood for dinner or just hoping to improve the ambiance of your space, taper candles present an excellent option.

One major advantage of taper candles is that they can last for a very long time, up to around 10 hours. One major disadvantage, though, is that they can’t stand up on their own. Taper candles require candleholders to keep them upright.

Candle Pot

Some of the most popular candles available today are candle pots. They remove the stress of lighting a candle in your office or home. This is because they sit in pots, glasses, or jars. When lit, their contents fall into the container, not onto whatever surface you’ve placed the container on. With this feature, candle pots require absolutely no cleanup. Furthermore, there’s no need to use a candleholder. A person can light a candle pot right after purchasing.


You can purchase beeswax candles or learn how to make your own. Either way, they bring a number of benefits to your home. Not only do they provide warm, soothing light, but they also reduce pollutants present in the air that could cause allergies and asthma. Additionally, they burn longer than most candles.

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