The Best Uses for Wall Decals

Read on to discover the best uses for wall decals, and why using them as a replacement to traditional wall art is one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

Coffee Table Challenge Charish.com

Dream Coffee Table

What would your dream coffee table look like?  I recently took a challenge to come up with my version of a dream coffee table.  Before I show you what I came up with … take a look at what currently sits in from my sofa.  Obviously it has been neglected.   Here is a list …

Not Your Granny’s La-Z-Boy

I just want to begin by saying that before my visit to the Sterling Heights La-Z-Boy Boy Store, La-Z-Boy furniture wasn’t really even on my radar. The name La-Z-Boy just conjured up images of comfortable, utilitarian furniture–you know, the kind of pieces you’d find in Grandma’s living room, with a knit or crochet throw over …