4 Tips for Camping in Your Own Backyard

4 Tips for Camping in Your Own Backyard

Summer is slowly but surely heading this way, which means camping season is almost upon us. Camping is a great way to escape from life for a while and reconnect with the great outdoors. Unfortunately, budgets, schedules, or other factors can keep us from getting the vacation we planned. When that happens, backyard camping can be the perfect compromise. This is a great way to get the camping experience without leaving your home. Turn your would-be trip into a relaxing staycation with these tips for camping in your own backyard.

Unplug Completely

Part of a camping trip is the time you get to spend away from your screens. Put down the phone, leave the laptop behind, and take this time to really breathe in the fresh air around you. Make sure your family does the same. In fact, do your best to act as your house and everything in it isn’t a short walk away. Try to make this campout as realistic as possible by staying by your tent or RV the entire time.

Get Comfy

Of course, staying outside doesn’t mean you or your family has to be uncomfortable. There are many ways to make your RV feel cozier or turn your tent into a luxurious campsite. Outfit your backyard with strings of light or lanterns, pillows and blankets, your favorite camping chairs, and more. This way, you can turn your regular yard into a comfortable campsite everyone wants to enjoy.

Eat Camping Food

A major draw of camping is the food you get to eat. As such, one of the top tips for camping in your own backyard is to stock up on traditional camping food. Gather around a fire pit or portable grill to roast hotdogs or make s’mores. Having a real fire—and the resulting fire-cooked meal—helps make the experience more realistic and enjoyable, especially if the kids get to help cook.

Treat it Like a Real Vacation

Just as you want the night to feel as much like camping as possible, you want the entire experience to feel as much like a vacation as possible. Let the kids stay up a little later than usual to tell stories or look at the stars. Indulge in that extra s’mores if you want. Don’t worry if everyone sleeps in and wastes a good part of the next morning. The most important part of backyard camping is getting to relax and have fun around your loved ones. If you do that, you can consider the trip—however, close to home it is—a total success.

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