Common Reasons Why Dogs Jump on People

Common Reasons Why Dogs Jump on People

After a long day at work or a fun vacation, nothing beats an over-excited greeting from your furry friend! Some dogs even get on their hind legs and jump up to say hello. But, as cute as this may be, this behavior is problematic and dangerous. Some of the most common reasons why dogs jump on people range from excitement to a display of dominance.

Why Does My Dog Jump?

There are many bad behaviors in dogs that owners brush off because they seem cute. Dogs jump on us for all kinds of reasons, and pinpointing exactly why isn’t easy. Sadly, our dogs can’t verbalize what they’re thinking. Often, dogs jump for attention because it’s hard to ignore them when they’re in your face like that.  

It’s a Greeting

One of the most common reasons why dogs jump on people is to say hello! Canines greet one another face to face, so in their doggy minds, getting in your face is the best way to do this.

Don’t cave to this behavior, as you’ll risk reinforcing it by providing negative attention. If you have a puppy, training your dog to stop this early on is essential to prevent it from jumping on children, seniors, and other guests as adults.

They Want Dominance

Although some dogs jump to give their owner an excited greeting, others use their body language to establish control.

So, how do you spot the difference? A happy dog wags their tail and gives kisses, while a dog jumping to establish dominance may growl and refuse to get down when you try pushing them off.

They’re Afraid

Your dog trusts you and sees you as a protective figure. As a result, it may sometimes jump on you when it’s scared. Does your dog jump on you during a thunderstorm? Or, does your dog try and leap into your arms when another dog comes near it? Pay attention to the outside factors and situations so that you can determine what’s causing the behavior.

What’s Wrong With Rewarding It?

Jumping could be a sign of poor social skills. Your dog may do it because it doesn’t understand that this is inappropriate behavior. But as a puppy grows, bad behaviors become dangerous. 

Your dog loves you as much as you love it, but showering your dog with hugs and kisses every time it jumps on you will make it think this behavior is okay. The more attention your dog gets, the more it’ll do it. 

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