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The Beautiful World of Colors

The Beautiful World of Colors

Can you imagine a world without colors? Not at all! Colors are vital for us. They cause reactions and influence our emotions and actions. Colors are a powerful form of communication. Companies also understand the power of colors and how they can influence people. So they use colors to ‘manipulate’ customer’s emotions, guiding them to buy certain products more than others with winning marketing campaigns. 

Colors give us the freedom to express ourselves; they are nurturing, soothing, and stimulating. How many times have we been amazed in front of a vermillion and orange sunset? Or, we pick our fruit according to the color that enables us to understand the freshness or ripeness?


The psychology of color has been a continuous area of study through generations.

For example, green is a restful color to the eye, yellow is the color of hope and happiness, purple is considered a “magical” color; etc.

Here are ways we use & combine colors:

  1. Monochromatically: When you use only one hue family but in different tones and shades. 

2. Analogously: It’s the most harmonious color combo. Looking on a color wheel, you need to pick adjacent colors: for example orange and red, or blue and green. 

3. Complementarily: It refers to colors that are across the color wheel from each other. For example: orange and blue, or yellow and purple. 


Colors can enhance self-esteem and self-image. Let’s think about the hair color industry, cosmetic industry, and fashion. 

When it comes to clothes, do you really know your most flattering colors? The theory behind color analysis is long to explain, but one little tip I can give you is: try to wear different colors near your face, then step in front of a mirror and if at first glance you see an harmonious ensemble (the combination between your hair color, eye, skin tone and the color you picked) then that color works for you.

You don’t want to step in front of a mirror and get distracted by a color that takes over your natural beauty. The right colors need to enhance you, not taking attention away from you. What about if you love the color red but you discover that it is not your color? No problem! Just wear a red skirt or pants, or pick red accessories… just wear red away from your face. 🙂 

Stores are reporting that customers are buying brighter colors and pastels, floral prints, everything that screams happiness! So don’t be shy and invest in fun and colorful clothes.

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