Mother’s Day Never Looked So Stylish! My Favorite Looks for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Never Looked So Stylish! My Favorite Looks for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly. I believe never before, we are ready to celebrate and get together with our loved ones! Last year was a very sad year. I remember that I could not share this special day with my family because everyone was terrified of Covid-19. Now that more people are able to get vaccinated this year, we hope to have a very special celebration this year!

What Color Should I Wear on Mother’s Day?

According to the Pantone Color Institute, the perfect colors to wear on Mother’s Day are:

Green: Green represents the protective nature of mothers.
Yellow: Yellow communicates optimism and hope for the children’s future.
Pink: Pink is the color of compassion and nurturing.
Red: Red is the color of passion and empowerment.
Blue: Blue alludes to calmness and patience. 

So you have some great colors to choose from! If you know me, you will not be surprised to see me wearing probably two or three different colors together. And spring is definitely the perfect season for that!

What Should I Wear on Mother’s Day?

Here are my suggestions. It’s our special day right? It’s a day we should be able to relax and enjoy a little time off …and get dressed up. In my case, if I dress up I will refrain from cleaning and doing anything around the house for a few hours because I’m afraid to ruin my beautiful outfit. Do you feel the same? Let’s take advantage of that!

You can pick a floral sheath dress as well as a maxi dress. They are my top choices.  If you prefer a monochromatic dress, play with colors.

Pick your favorite color for the dress and add accessories in a complementary color. For example, you can wear a blue dress and pair with it pink shoes and a belt.

What If I Want My Look To be More Casual?

If you really don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress, I suggest wearing your comfy jeans with a feminine top in a playful color and a nice neckline. Choosing a colorful top, makes your outfit look more festive. 

Also, you can add a hairpiece to decorate your hair, even a floral scarf around a simple ponytail will give you a little touch of femininity that can make you feel very special! 😉

What Shoes Should I Wear?

I’m a big high heel lover, so when I can, I prefer to wear a pair of high heels or a sandals with wedges (considering the fact that I’m not very tall). Shoes are the perfect accessory to make a simple dress look stunning!

If you have small kids or other matters that refrain you from wearing high heels, I recommend a pair of fun sneakers! Something that screams: I’m a super cool mom will do the job. Also, wedges are always a great option: a good compromise between comfort and some extra inches.

In any case, this year more than ever I hope you are enjoying your special day and find a way to celebrate with family and loved ones. Have fun, be colorful with your look and make sure that your kids spoil you at least for a few hours! You are a very special mom, don’t ever forget that!

Xoxo, Raffaella

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