Tips for Keeping Your Kids Entertained Without Technology

As parents, we always want the best for our kids; still, if we’re being honest, sometimes we just want them to find something to do. The problem is, nowadays, most kids are constantly reaching for one device or another, even if they’re a kindergartener. Now, that’s not to say that technology is bad for our children. After all, companies like Apple and Google have put a lot of effort into educational apps and resources. But, a lot of the time, our kids benefit a lot more from entertainment that doesn’t involve technology. If you need some help, we put together some tips for keeping your kids entertained without technology.

Let Your Child Help You Around the House

Kids love to be helpful, and you can bond with your children more by letting them help out with chores. Some fun activities could include anything from having them help you make lunch to cleaning the house. Additionally, we all know that kids like to get their hands dirty, so why not use their help to start a garden or clean the yard up?

Foster Your Child’s Interests

We’ve all heard the saying, “kids have a mind like a sponge,” and it’s true. Plus, when your children are younger, you’re still gauging their interests. Some kids might be analytical and find a passion for math and sciences, others will be artsy and creative, and some will like hands-on work. The bottom line is, there are options to entertain your kid with something they’re interested in or expose them to different experiences. For instance, you could set up a few science experiments and see how they react. Alternatively, your child might find cooking or crafts more interesting; once you learn what they’re interested in, you can expand on activities from there.

Encourage Free Play

Of course, we know that kids are more creative than just about anyone, and one way to foster that creativity is through something called free play. Essentially, you want to encourage your child to engage in free play because it allows kids to use their imagination. Through free play, kids will develop their own little world and create something out of nothing while learning decision-making and problem-solving skills.

While we all love our devices and technology, we shouldn’t let technology be the only form of entertainment for our children. We put together these tips for keeping your kids entertained without technology to help you find alternatives that are fun, healthy, and educational.


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