Arts Beats and Eats Downtown Royal Oak

Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival

The Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats & Eats will be held downtown Royal Oak on Friday, Sept. 3, Saturday, Sept. 4, and Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021. Founded to celebrate the quality of life in Oakland County, the annual event is expecting to host over 400,000 guests over the weekend and hopes to raise over $350,000 for local charities.

Entertaining Kids

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Entertained Without Technology

As parents, we always want the best for our kids; still, if we’re being honest, sometimes we just want them to find something to do. The problem is, nowadays, most kids are constantly reaching for one device or another, even if they’re a kindergartener. Now, that’s not to say that technology is bad for our …

ten star wars facts for kids

Ten Star Wars Facts for Young Fans

The Force is Strong With Young Fans Star Wars has been part of our lives since 1977, and for generations fans have grown up with the franchise. But when Disney took over the franchise the fandom exploded with new life and young fans who wanted the latest toys, the latest costumes and more. While the …

Family Friendly Lexington Vacation

  Family Friendly Lexington Vacation Detroit Mommies! I’m over the moon that life has led me to THIS moment, where I can happily peck away on this keyboard and share my recent trip to Lexington, Michigan. You know when I find a family friendly Michigan vacation spot, I’m sharing! It can be hard to find those, …