Tips for Updating a Kid’s Room on a Budget

Tips for Updating a Kid’s Room on a Budget

Every child hits milestones throughout their life, from their first steps to their first eye-roll at Mom or Dad. As your baby grows up, you may notice-or be constantly reminded-that they aren’t a baby anymore. Many things will change, including their interests, favorite colors, and level of independence. One thing that may help them as they grow up is having a bedroom space that reflect their changing interests. Not only is this space something they will appreciate, but it’s also something you can do together and bond over. Whether you’re looking at for style ideas or heading to the store to buy paint, you’ll bond over this experience together and have fun. Check out these tips for updating a kid’s room on a budget to incorporate your growing child’s new style into their bedroom without breaking the bank.

Paint the Room

One of the cheapest things you can do to totally transform the way a room looks and feels is apply a fresh coat of paint. Discuss with your child what colors they might want and which ones you’d be okay with. From that discussion, choose a paint color and get to painting. When they assist in choosing the paint color, they’ll feel involved in the decorating process. Plus, if they’re old enough to help you paint, they’ll also feel that they have more independence.

Update the Furniture

Updating your child’s bedroom furniture can help a ton with making the room feel a little more mature. If your child has a wooden dresser, side table, or chair that happen to be a little “babyish,” then consider repainting it. Research some tips for painting wood furniture, and get to painting. It’s a fairly simple and cheap process that can instantly age up a piece of more adolescent furniture and make it seem brand-new.

Take a Trip to the Dollar Store

A very cost-effective way to decorate a room is to check out the offerings at your local dollar store. Dollar stores often have a surprising amount of cute home décor that you can buy on a low budget. To make your child feel more in charge of their room makeover, take them with you and set a budget for them to get whatever their heart desires. This allows them to take charge and ownership of their room while spending some fun quality time with you.


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