Sustainable Families: 4 Eco-Friendly Parenting Tips

Everyone should do their part to keep the Earth clean. This means shopping at places like QBamboo, picking up litter (even if it’s not yours), using public transport to decrease your carbon footprint, look into getting renewable energy, the list goes on. It’s an important part of life now. But this mission doesn’t get any more manageable when you have kids. Yet, there are things you can do to live a more sustainable life. This article will overview four eco-friendly parenting tips that every family should follow.

Shop Organic

Organic products are much better for the environment than traditionally sourced items. Consider buying organic clothing for your babies because it’s gentler on little ones’ skin. Conventional farmers use harsh pesticides that seep into the cloth and can create rashes or skin irritants. Do everything you can to keep your youngsters safe by buying organic materials. Parents should purchase organic foods, too. Natural foods are much better for children’s digestive systems, so your kiddos will have a healthier diet.

Ditch the Car

Minivans are perfect for lugging around the entire soccer team. However, these large vehicles aren’t good for the environment. One eco-friendly parenting tip is to ditch the car as much as possible. Consider buying a tandem bicycle that the family can enjoy together. Riding this bike is also a great way to exercise as a group. You can also walk around town instead of driving. Perhaps make a friendly competition out of it by racing to your favorite ice cream shop.

Hand Me Downs

Parents know how important it is to save money whenever possible. One way you can achieve this goal is by getting hand me downs from your loved ones. There’s no need to purchase brand-new toys for your little one every few weeks. Reduce, reuse, and recycle by asking your family and friends for items they have leftover. This sentiment pertains to clothing, as well. Kiddos are notorious for getting their outfits dirty, so there’s no need to buy them an entirely fresh wardrobe. There’s nothing wrong with your child wearing their cousin’s old t-shirt during the summer. There are also lots of online second hand clothing shops, so it might be worth checking some of those out too. It’s up to you though!

The Great Outdoors

No parent wants their kid to be a couch potato. Try your best to get your mini-me outside this summer. Not only is sunshine good for their health, but outdoor playtime is also incredibly sustainable. Families who spend the entire day indoors use so much energy. Why not unplug for a bit and enjoy the great outdoors? Let in some natural light, too. Opening the windows will light up your home so you won’t have to leave lightbulbs on as much.

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