Tips for Keeping Kids Active During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Tips for Keeping Kids Active During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We finally made it through winter and thought we could get the kids outside and active again. Then the pandemic happened, and we’re stuck inside with the kids again. However, that’s not quite the case. The sun is shining and the air’s warmer-that’s much more than what we could say about the winter. Though this pandemic has kids at home, rather than at school, there are still a few different ways to keep the kids moving. We need to utilise things like home fitness 101 to staying motivated tips to help to keep us fit and healthy and there is no reason why we cannot involve our children with this. So with that in mind, follow some of these tips for keeping kids active during the coronavirus outbreak, below!

Take a Walk

Probably one of the best ways to keep the whole family active during the pandemic is by getting out and taking a walk. If you’re able, even just a walk or two around the block can help taper off that energy boiling in your kids. You could even take some chalk along with you and have the kids leave encouraging messages along the way. Positivity and exercise often go hand-in-hand. The sooner you walk, the sooner you’ll notice their spirits lift!

Head to the Playground

On your walk, head to the playground. Maybe you have a school nearby or a public park not far from the home. Visit those if you can. Make sure to bring some cleaning supplies along with you, like some wipes and Lysol sprays, and be sure to follow proper playground hygiene practices. You could even ask the kids when their recess was, and then stick to that schedule so that they feel a bit more normalcy with their days. They can run around the playground, play on the monkey bars-get them back into the swing of what helped them stay active just a few weeks ago.

Set Up an Outdoor Obstacle Course

If you’d prefer to stay close to the home, set up an outdoor obstacle course. You may not have all the supplies the school gym teacher would have, but a little creativity can go a long way. Stack up some branches for them to jump over, stick poles in the ground for them to weave through, put chalk hopscotch on the driveway to get them moving-the options are endless. These obstacle courses will probably end up becoming a fond memory for them in the future.

Make the House a Gymnasium

Another good option for those days when the weather outside doesn’t allow for outdoor fun is to make the house into a gym. It may not be the most active of activities, but it will get them moving nonetheless, and that’s what really matters. Use a couch cushion as a makeshift domino mat to help them with their backbends and cartwheels. Have them draw from a set of playing cards and do the movement associated with those cards.

Have Them Teach You

Our last tip is about having the kids teach you! There are a few different ways that this can work. Have them explain and teach you what they were learning in gym class or have them make up a dance routine to their favorite song and then teach that to you. This will challenge them both physically and mentally, which is just what they need when they’re trapped inside!

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