The Benefits of Playing with LEGOs

The Benefits of Playing with LEGOs

Nearly everyone is familiar with LEGOs. They have an enduring appeal because of how much freedom they give to the children who play with them. A person can make anything using LEGOs, from a simple stack of blocks to a complex moving contraption. This quality not only makes them fun, but also makes them perfect as a tool for aiding your kids’ development and learning. These are a few of the benefits of playing with LEGOs.

LEGOs Foster Kids’ Creativity

LEGOs are raw materials a child can use to build whatever they want. They could create a setting for their small toys and figurines. LEGOs could also become vehicles or buildings. Many sets come with instructions that guide kids in a certain direction, but these LEGOs don’t need to remain in the specific configurations outlined. Kids can use them as inspiration for their own imaginative inventions or completely repurpose them as they see fit.

LEGOs Teach Kids Perseverance

When kids are trying to make their own creations or follow instructions, they may come across instances where they face hindrances. Maybe they can’t figure out a particular step or the idea they had breaks apart. Although they may feel frustrated, the benefit of playing with LEGOs and dealing with these moments is that they can teach them to persevere. They’ll become better able to cope when things don’t go the way they want. In addition, this will lead them to gain problem-solving skills as they try to figure out how to tackle roadblocks.

LEGOs Can Introduce Kids to Coding

Technology continues to play larger and larger roles in society. Computers are practically everywhere. One great benefit of playing with LEGOs is that it can introduce kids to coding. There are plenty of projects that incorporate LEGOs in mechanical and robotic designs. Beginner-friendly computer boards, such as the Micro:Bit and Raspberry Pi, can function with LEGOs to form moving machines. Your kids can learn useful skills as they code those computers while also using LEGOs to construct the physical frames that the computers will direct. Since they’re already familiar with LEGO bricks, this could make more complicated concepts feel less daunting and even enjoyable for them.

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