Creative Ideas for a Socially Distant Baby Shower

Creative Ideas for a Socially Distant Baby Shower

It’ll be a while before the world embraces full-size celebrations again. And although many engaged couples have adjusted by delaying their weddings, you can’t exactly delay a baby. Instead, explore your alternatives with these creative ideas for a socially distant baby shower.

Stagger Guests

Moms to be can’t be too careful, but it’s hard to go your whole pregnancy without seeing your loved ones. You can compromise with a series of socially distant mini showers with 10 guests or less on different weekends or stagger the arrival times of friends and family. Specify that masks are mandatory for everyone—and resort to “do it for the baby” tactics if necessary. Warning: no hugging whatsoever.

Screen Celebrations

Elaborately wrapping up gifts has long been a way to celebrate. And with all the adorable baby-themed paper out there, opening presents is one of the best parts of a shower. Everyone can still ooh and ahh via video gatherings on Zoom or Skype, even great-grandma (with a little help). You can organize activities for participants like a tour of the nursery, games, or gender reveal. If opening gifts seems like it would drag on too long, you can always do it ahead of time and document it with a slideshow. Bonus: You can record the entire event.

Plant a Tree

No matter what you plan, even the most creative ideas for a socially distant baby shower will miss many of the usual festive elements. Don’t be afraid to redefine what the celebration means to you by partaking in a ritual customary in many cultures: planting a sapling. If the day is clear, being outside with your immediate family should protect your health but still make you feel as if you’ve all come together. You can provide themed masks for your small group of guests and take individual pictures of everyone. Afterward, you can create a digital collage as a souvenir, or even photoshop everyone in together.

Send Some Love

You can always revisit the trend for “drive-by” celebrations, although depending on your due date, you might not want to be on your feet all day. Instead, you can ask your original guest list to send letters to the baby that you can keep for them to read when they’re older. You can ask your loved ones to share wisdom, a wish, or something special about your relationship. It’s a great idea that improves on the shower in one way: your baby will have a way to get to know all the guests, years later.

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