Sleepover Etiquette for Parents

Sleepover Etiquette for Parents

Sleepovers are a part of growing up. They’re a chance for kids to interact with their peers and form friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Youngsters have a blast at sleepovers, and all that comes with it. From watching movies to dressing up in their favorite giant cat, Spongebob, or Pokemon pajamas and eating a ton of junk food, a sleepover is a rite of passage for any kid. Parents, on the other hand, typically get a headache about two hours in. As loud and busy as sleepovers are, it’s important to let your children have them while they grow up.

While your children may not be able to see their friends due to social distancing, these tips will ring true in the future. Plus, your kids will be absolutely itching to see their friends by then, so you’d best prepare. This article will discuss sleepover etiquette for parents, so you know what to do the next time your kid invites their friends over.

Make Sure the Kids Have Everything They Need

If you agree to host a sleepover for your kid’s friends, you must make sure you have everything they need. If Don’t decide to throw a sleepover at your house if you don’t have enough room for the children. Make sure you have adequate space and sleeping bags for the little ones before you agree to host. Also, provide the kiddos with plenty of snacks and beverages throughout the night. The children will surely work up an appetite from all the playing. Finally, you must provide every youngster with a delicious breakfast in the morning. Bake something fun and totally outside of the box, like cinnamon and nutmeg churro French toast casserole. The kids will be raving about this meal on the whole ride home.

Be Communicative with the Parents

Many parents struggle with letting their children go to sleepovers. Tons of parents worry about not having their kids in their sight. Please, reassure these anxious parents that they have nothing to worry about. Maintain open communication with them throughout the entire night. Text them occasionally to let them know how their youngster is doing. Make sure you have multiple phone numbers where you can reach each child’s guardian in case of an emergency, too. Also, talk with the child’s parent or guardian before they come over about potential allergies or any other information you should know.

Let the Children Have Fun

Proper sleepover etiquette for parents means letting the children have a good time. Expect to have a headache a few hours after the kids arrive at your house. Please, don’t stifle the children or yell at them for playing. Instead, try to take a hands-off approach and let the kids be kids. Yes, you should still make sure the little ones are safe and that they’re all playing nice. However, you don’t want to embarrass your youngsters by telling their friends they’re being too noisy or trying to make your way into their activities. It’ll be hard, but having a sleepover is a real sign of independence for your child. Do your best to respect that.

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