Ways to Get Your Child Interested in STEM

Recent years have seen a resurgence in careers in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering. Education in these fields can lead to incredibly lucrative careers, but it also teaches valuable skills that people can use in everyday life. Such skills are equally as beneficial to children as they are to adults, and as such, many schools now offer additional STEM classes to children as early as kindergarten. The following ways to get your child interested in STEM will teach them valuable skills in a manner that’s equal parts fun and educational. 

Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum is a fantastic way to take your child’s education outside of the classroom and into the real world. Museums provide more interactive settings in which your child can learn about the world around them. Science museums are available in a wide variety of fields, from aeronautics to biology. Some museums are even dedicated to the study of mathematics, building their exhibits around the use of math in everyday life. Be sure to take the time to explain the various exhibits to your child in a way that will be easy for them to understand and that will pique their interest. Highlight scientists that can serve as role models to your child, and spend extra time in the exhibits that play into your child’s passions.

Choose Educational Toys

One of the best ways to get your child interested in STEM is to choose toys with added educational value. Toys are no longer just for play—they can now serve as a means for furthering your child’s developmental skills. STEM-based toys may seem boring at base level, but with recent advancements in technology, these toys are some of the hottest on the market. Some of the most popular STEM-related toys currently available include child-size chemistry kits and small robots that teach kids basic coding skills. 

Take Up a New Hobby

Some children learn better in a group setting, so consider enrolling your child in a STEM class, club, or extracurricular. This is a great way to help your child find a group of like-minded friends who enjoy the same passions. Many schools offer extracurricular science and math clubs, as do many park districts. Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops are also placing a stronger emphasis on STEM-related studies, and children can earn badges for their excellence in such pursuits. Extracurricular robotics clubs are also very popular in schools, and children can even win scholarships later in life if they continue to pursue this passion.

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