Wonderful Ways To Prepare For Spring

Wonderful Ways To Prepare For Spring

With winter making its final bow and spring waiting eagerly in the wings, it’s time to start preparing yourself for warmer weather and fun in the sun. Making the transition from winter to spring can be quite a large undertaking, but separating out your goals and creating an organized to-do list will keep you on the right track as you get ready for spring. This guide to some of the best ways to prepare for spring will ensure all the facets of your life are ready for the coming season.

Start Spring Cleaning

One of the most popular ways to prepare for spring is to engage in a bit of light spring cleaning. Start by giving every room a thorough dusting and vacuuming. Open windows, shake out curtains, and wash all linens to further air out your home. From there, you can start tackling larger cleaning projects. Set your sights first on the most-used rooms in the house, such as the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and family room. These rooms will likely be the most cluttered after you’ve spent a long winter cooped up indoors, so sorting them out may take some extra time. Tidy up belongings and create an organization system to keep clutter at bay for the rest of the year. Wipe down all surfaces and clean out the inside of your pantry, cabinets, and fridge, taking special care to dispose of any items that are past their expiration date.

Swap Out Your Wardrobe

As snow and sleet fade into sunshine and showers, it’s time to start adjusting your wardrobe accordingly. Kiss your bulky clothing goodbye and opt instead for lighter layers and pastel colors. When swapping out your wardrobe for springtime styles, be sure to carefully consider the upcoming changes in weather. Spring is well-known for its sudden storms and sharp breezes, so plan ahead when organizing your wardrobe. Be sure to stock your springtime wardrobe with rain-proof outfits for a variety of different occasions. Spring weather is quite fickle, and you never know when a sudden storm will blow your way. Be sure to wash your winter wear before packing it away for the season.

Spruce Up Your Car

Travel may be a bit restricted right now, but when you’re getting ready for a road trip later this summer, it’s best to get your car in order first. Start by treating the interior of your car to a little TLC. Remove floor pads if possible, and vacuum all upholstery. Clean out the glove box and remove any extraneous items that may be taking up space in your trunk. Next, take your efforts to the exterior and clean your car of any soot or salt residue from the winter. It’s also in your best interest to have your car serviced at the start of spring. Change the oil, refill the wiper fluid, and make sure all other aspects are in proper working order. Winter can really do a number on your tires, so be sure to have those checked as well.

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