Ways To Help Kids With ADHD Focus While Homeschooling

Ways To Help Kids With ADHD Focus While Homeschooling

Paying attention during school—either at home or in the classroom—is important for kids to learn, process information, and reach their full academic potential. However, focusing on schoolwork can prove incredibly difficult for kids who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They may find themselves easily distracted by passersby, noises, or simply their thoughts, which makes it harder to focus on their education. Fortunately, however, there are many ways that you can help improve your kid’s focusing abilities so that they can start thriving academically. Here are a few tips on ways to help kids with ADHD focus while homeschooling.

Minimize Environmental Distractions

An easy way to greatly improve a child’s ability to focus is by minimizing environmental distractions. When children who have ADHD can see what is going on outside or in other areas of the house, they can become distracted and lose focus. As such, kids with ADHD should generally be seated facing away from doors or windows during homeschooling. Instead, they should face toward you or their teacher to help them focus on the lesson and minimize distractions.

Involve Them In A Sport

There are many different reasons to enroll your child in a sport. In addition to teaching them valuable life skills, involving your child in a sport could also help them focus better during school.

While children aren’t advised to participate in team sports due to the outbreak of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean they can’t practice individual sports. Sports that revolve around mastering individual skills such as golf, diving, swimming, or ballet are beneficial for helping children affected by ADHD develop attention and focus skills. The enhanced ability to focus and sustain attention that children gain through participating in such sports can then be applied to other areas of life such as academia.

Create A Flexible Learning Structure

Creating a flexible learning structure for your homeschool regimen to accommodate for your child’s focusing challenges can make it easier for them to pay attention. For example, allowing your child to take more frequent physical breaks to move around or allowing them to stand up while working could help them stay on task and focus. To find a structure that works best for your child, make sure to be flexible and try out several different methods.

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