How To Make Prom Special For Your Daughter

Let’s Make Prom Special for Your Daughter

Prom is a really big event for young people in their final year of school across the country. Of course, the build-up to the event can often be much more exciting than the actual night but that doesn’t make it any less important. As a parent, you want to make sure that your kids have a safe and enjoyable prom night. This is why we have put together some top tips to help you make prom special for your daughter. Keep reading if you are looking for some inspiration.

Splash Out On The Dress
One of the most important parts of prom is the outfit and it is likely that this is something you will start thinking about months in advance of the big night. If you want to make your daughter’s prom as special as possible, we suggest that you try to splash out on the dress and let her choose one that she has always dreamed of.
Yes, prom dresses can be very expensive, but they can be worth it just to see the look on your daughter’s face when you say she can get it in the store. The Jovani prom collection is perfect for upcoming proms and your daughter will love getting glammed up for the big night. Even if you can’t afford to spend a lot of cash otherwise, consider splashing out for the dress and you will enjoy seeing your daughter walk down those stairs on prom night looking and feeling amazing.

Host A Get Together
Everyone knows that prom consists of many photographs being taken with the group of friends or the couples who are heading off to the event together. This is usually done at the home of one of the children – so why not host it in your home? If you really want to make prom special for your daughter, you could have the pre-prom at your home and let her choose how the events go down.

For example, if she wants to have a certain theme or food before they set off, you could organize this. You could also set up a photo booth for her and friends or organize something extra special for them. The get together before prom is a tradition but it doesn’t have to be boring. Get your daughter’s input on the event and you can get her prom off to the best possible start.

Organize Hair And Makeup
Our next tip for those who want to make prom special for their daughters is to book a hair stylist and a makeup artist for the night. If you are planning on splashing out for a dress, then you’ll want to create the entire look and these people can help you to achieve that. All you need to do is book an appointment at these locations for your daughter and let her head over there on the day. In the weeks leading up to the event, she could even go for a practice run to test out her hair and makeup before the big day. This way, she’ll know what she wants and be sure that she looks amazing when everything is done for her on prom night. Choose a makeup artist and hair stylist that she wants to go to, and you’ll make it even more special.

Consider The Transport
Our final tip for those who want to make prom special for their daughter is to consider how they are going to get to prom. Some kids like to go in a limo while others choose a party bus or some other fun method of transport. If you want to make this night extra special, you could arrange the transport as a surprise for your daughter. Perhaps making her think that you are driving her there for a limo to then show up to whisk her away.

Think carefully about what she might like to go in and ask around her friends for some more inspiration. This way, she can head off to prom in style and have a great night that has been made extra special by you.

Final Verdict
Prom night is a very exciting time for many teenagers and if your daughter is planning on going this year, you should make sure to try to make it as special as possible. Think about the dress that she is going to wear and where you are going to get it from. You should also consider the transport if you want your daughter to be whisked off in style. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article to make the prom as special as possible. Your daughter will love the effort that you have put in!

Written by Rosana Beechum

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