Shannon Lazovski NYX Lipstick

How to Wear Lipstick: 10 Tips and Tricks

Shannon Lazovski NYX Lipstick

Do You Love Lipstick as Much as I Do? 

Do you love lipstick and want to play it up during the holiday season? More power to you! A lipstick beauty tip I’ve always sworn by is to pick your best color or color/liner/gloss combo and play it to perfection. Rock it. Wear it. Shine with it. If you are complimented often on your lips, then you’re doing something right. If you’re not, here are 10 tips on how to make your lips stand out.

1. How to Plump Up Lips

Yes, it’s true, a sexier fuller lip is hot! For plumper lips, apply liner just outside your natural lip line and gently rub in with your finger to make the line “not so” apparent. Gently dab a nude lipstick in the pout of the bottom lip and blend slightly with a lip brush to even out color. 

Dark lipstick will last longer if you line your lips and then color them in with the liner before applying the matching lipstick. This also holds true for a nude lip just make sure it’s the right shade of nude to match your lipstick. This rule is the same for lip gloss. Lip gloss tends to wear off quickly but if the lips are filled in with a liner the gloss will stay on much longer!

2. Don’t Play up the Eyes and the Mouth

I make it a rule to not wear dark lips and dark eyes at the same time. If you want to wear red lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup neutral and natural looking. If you want eyes that stand out, create a nice, dark smoky eye and keep your lips natural with a nude hue or gloss.

3. Try a Long-Lasting Lip Stain

Lip stains are great for long-lasting color. Be sure to line lips before applying but rest assure your lip color will last all day and then some when using a lip stain.

4. Never Use a Dark Liner With Light Lipstick

It’s important to use a liner that is close to the color of your lipstick. If it’s not, apply lightly and blend with your finger to create a softer 3D look. Defined lips are great, but refrain from showing a visible outline.

5. Don’t Throw Out a Lipstick Color you Don’t Like

Blending lipsticks is my thing! Don’t ever throw out a color you might not like. My advice is to keep it and blend it with colors that you do like. Who knows, you may create a color you can’t find in stores that you absolutely love.

6. Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth With This Trick

Once you apply your lipstick, wrap lips around your index finger in a circle shape then pull it out. The excess lipstick will rub onto your finger which stops the excess from transferring to your teeth.

7. Use Lipstick as Blush

The consistency of lipstick is very similar to a cream blush. To use lipstick as a blush, dab a few dots on the apples of your cheeks and gently blend with a blending sponge. Blend, blend and spread the color up to your hair-line to spread color evenly.

8. Camouflage Yellowed Teeth

First off, there are plenty of teeth whitening sets and products on the market. Just sayin’. To downplay a yellow cast to teeth, try lipsticks with a bluish undertone instead of an orange undertone. Shades that work include plums, wines and violets.

9. Fix and Save Broken Lipstick

If your lipstick breaks, don’t throw it out. Take off the broken portion with a tissue, warm the broken piece of lipstick with a lit match. When its soft, put it back on the base, swivel it down and blend sides with fingers mending the broken lines. Place lipstick in the fridge, uncovered in for 30 minutes.

10. Lipstick Gone?

No it’s not! When your lipstick seems “empty” there’s still plenty left past the rim. Use a lip brush to get the remainder out of the capsule. You might be pleasantly surprised how much longer your lipstick lasts if you do this.





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