Tips for Designing a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Tips for Designing a Gender-Neutral Nursery

There are a few reasons why families opt for a gender-neutral nursery: they are waiting until birth to find out the gender, want to use the room for multiple children, or don’t want to place gender norms on their baby. So, explore these tips for designing a gender-neutral nursery for families that don’t want a blue or pink room.

Neutral Colors

The most obvious sign of gender assignment is the heavy use of blue and pink pastels in the room. Using neutral colors like white, natural wood, gray, or a bit of black will create a warm, adaptable environment. You can also utilize earth tones like deep greens, blues, and browns. Navy blue should feel neutral because many people associate assigning gender with pastel colors.

Also, the nice thing about a neutral wall is when the children get older, they won’t need to paint their room for a more mature feel.

Especially for large furniture items, like the crib or dresser, it’s better to get them in a neutral tone to help with reselling or repurposing. Then, you can add a pillow or cover for a pop of color.

Pop of Color

Just because you’re steering away from pastels, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun and colorful room. With primarily neutral base colors on the walls and furniture, don’t be afraid to accent the room with bright colors to liven up the atmosphere. Bold and primary hues don’t typically have a gender association so that you can use them freely and creatively.

When people hear “neutral,” their instinct is to think boring, but you should interpret “neutral” as flexible. With a solid base of versatile colors, you can expand on the original design without worrying about colors clashing or significant remolding. Instead, the space can effortlessly evolve with the child as they grow and their interests emerge.

Add Some Texture

If you don’t have a lot of color in the room, you want to find opportunities to make the room feel homier and more comfortable. You can do this by using multiple textures to make the space vibrant and tactile, such as adding pom-pom pillows or fun wallpaper. A perfect area rug for the nursery is an incredibly fuzzy one with long soft fibers. By using texture, you can add depth to the room for a more vibrant space.

Choose a Theme

A room theme is also an easy way to introduce some excitement into a gender-neutral space. Themes like animals, nature, or stars are fun ideas that all kids will enjoy. Your theme can be anything as long as it evokes a sense of wonder and comfort for the baby.

With these tips for designing a gender-neutral nursery, you can build a space that all your children can enjoy and appreciate.

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