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Take Your Special Day to the Next Level with These Top 5 Wedding Trends

Planning a wedding can sometimes be stressful, but it can be a lot of fun too! There’s so much to think about including, who to invite, where to have the reception, what to register for and who’s going to stand by your side as you say, “I do.”

The decorations and venue add a fun element to planning a wedding as well. Choosing the right flowers, colors, and an overall theme allows the bride and groom to express themselves with fun and stylish selections.

The top 2019 wedding trends include memorable options I think you’re going to love. I’ve put together a fun list to share with you on what the trends are to make sure your big day is on point!

Here’s what’s trending for 2019 weddings:

Real Floral Accessories

Live floral hair pieces and jewelry are big this year. Some even say they can replace customary bouquets. Think gorgeous bib necklaces full of fresh blooms, stunning cuffs, and elegant headpieces. This living jewelry option is one, not every bride will have so your weddings will stand out for sure in terms of uniqueness.

Majestic Fashion

People are still talking about the royal wedding and who wore what. Majestic fashion can really step up your wedding style. Don’t go simple and wear a regal wedding gown, or put your girls in ball gowns perfect to meet the queen. It is a big day after all, isn’t it?


Choosing the right wedding colors are always a big deal to a bride. But what about a theme? This year, instead of just choosing the main color scheme, try adding a theme within decor and colors such as one that resembles your favorite vacation destination, a favorite book or TV show? I’ve heard of some beautiful beach themes and Game of Thrones themes that left the bride’s audience speechless!

Sculptural Cakes

A stunning wedding cake is a must. We all know that, but step up your game this year with a sculptural cake instead of just a typical layered cake with the usual frosting flowers. This idea works well with the theme idea above. Can you imagine what type of cake you can have with the Games of Thrones theme? Make it fun!

Glam Squad

Yes, the bride must look flawless on her wedding day but the bridesmaids and gals attending want to look gorge too! Set up a glam squad with a team that will make your guests feel special and beautiful on your special day! I’m not talking before the wedding, I’m talking during. Give the Glam Squad a special place in the hallway before the ladies room (no one wants to stay in the bathroom all night so in the hallway or in a designated room is fine) to add bobby pins to danced-out ’dos, add powder and lipstick or to curl or braid hair if it’s being unruly from the weather or the long day of events. This will keep your gals looking beautiful all night long… oh and as the bride, you’ll be able to sneak in there too!

Extraordinary Favors

We have all seen the chocolate bars with the monogram bride and groom label… Gack! Can we please move on? I think the small plastic bottle of bubbles can be passed on too! Give your guests something memorable, why don’t you?! Organize a cocktail mixing class for a second gathering and give them the invites as their favors. Or, skip the little gifts and add a cigar roller or cotton candy truck for extra fun at the end of the night.

So, will you be adding any of these fun trends to your big day? The overall feel here is to go above and beyond. Make your decor, favors, and cake stand out. It’s okay not to follow tradition if you don’t want to!

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