Coffee Table Challenge

Dream Coffee Table

What would your dream coffee table look like?  I recently took a challenge to come up with my version of a dream coffee table.  Before I show you what I came up with … take a look at what currently sits in from my sofa.  Obviously it has been neglected.

Coffee Table Challenge


Here is a list of my requirements for the perfect coffee table:

  • Perfect Height – I don’t’ want it so tall that you can’t put your feet up.
  • It has to be big enough to hold your favorite things, plus room to spare to sit a drink or book/magazine.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Something you can feel comfortable around and not feel like you have to tip toe around it.
  • Reflect your style – mix it up if that’s what you like.

I found this perfect table to start my style board at where you can find great vintage and used furniture and decorative pieces.

coffee table challenge table


I seriously could come up with a hundred of these but this is the one I decided would work best in my home.    

Coffee Table Challenge


I started off with this beautiful table from, then I added a Pier One table runner,  a beautiful basket and decorative spheres from Pottery Barn, and finished it off with a silk floral arrangement from ShopStyle.

What do you think?  You can find more details and options on my Coffee Table Pinterest Board.  


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