ten star wars facts for kids

Ten Star Wars Facts for Young Fans

ten star wars facts for kids

The Force is Strong With Young Fans

Star Wars has been part of our lives since 1977, and for generations fans have grown up with the franchise. But when Disney took over the franchise the fandom exploded with new life and young fans who wanted the latest toys, the latest costumes and more. While the franchise is over 40 years, it’s becoming more and more popular with kids. Disney has expanded the Clone Wars series, Star Wars Rebels and the LEGO Freemaker series – there is so much Star Wars goodness we almost can’t keep up!

But how much about Star Wars do your kids know? Here are ten facts that they may find interesting and can help build their fandom!

  1. Yoda was almost played by a Monkey in a Mask! Yes, the older puppet version is the one we prefer, but could you imagine if they had just put a mask on a monkey for the iconic character? We think the movie would have played out a bit different!
  2. That iconic opening scene with the scrolling letters took them over 3 hours to film! They placed those yellow letters on a 2 foot by 6 wide piece of black paper and slowly pulled it in front of a camera to get the opening sequence we all know.
  3. The actor who played R2D2 had a second role in the series. Kenny Baker, also  plays Paploo—the enterprising Ewok who steals an imperial speeder bike.
  4. Want to sound like Chewbacca? His growl is made up of a combination of animals like bears, walruses, lions, and badger sounds.
  5. Theaters didn’t want to show the movie the first time it was released. Originally less than 40 theaters showed the original Star Wars movie.
  6. Hoth, the frozen planet is actually Norway! While Shooting The Empire Strikes Back, one of the worst storms in years hit and delayed filming for fear for the safety of the actors and crew.
  7. Yoda used to have a first name or two. Originally he was named Buffy and then later Minch Yoda – but it was eventually shortened to just Yoda. Aren’t we glad for that!?
  8. Yoda was (and is) voiced by Frank Oz, who also does the voice for Miss Piggy, Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Animal, Sam the Eagle, and Fozzie Bear.
  9.  Jabba the Hutt was also a puppet like Yoda, but he took seven men to make him move for the film!
  10. Samuel L. Jackson wanted a purple light saber – and they gave it him one!

Looking for some fun printable activities for your kids (or you)? We have a few!

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