The Best Baby Shower Gifts to Buy for Twins

The Best Baby Shower Gifts to Buy for Twins

Preparing to welcome two new babies into the world is a joyful experience. Help mom and dad prepare for their little nuggets by shopping for the best baby shower gifts to buy for twins. It’s very much possible this list may inspire you to buy unique gifts for both the babies and the parents-to-be.

Custom Matching Items

Okay, matching baby sets are the cutest thing ever—from hats to booties and even onesies. Shop small custom shops, or make your own, for tailored products to gift the babies. These custom items are unisex, so you won’t need to gift anything that’s gender-specific. When browsing online for custom items, ensure they’re safe to wash in the washing machine and consist of toxic-free materials.

Travel Bottle Warmers

The twins will likely visit everyone near and far, so help prepare their bottles and keep them nice and warm with a portable bottle warmer. Travel bottle warmers come in handy when feeding while on the road, and they fit right in the diaper bag!

Double Stacks of Clothes, Diapers, & Wipes

Give the twins double stacks of everything. It’s normal to buy a large pack of diapers for one baby, but it’s best to buy multiple packs of one thing for sets of twins. Consider buying other unique items the parents may not have thought to buy, such as a baby wipe dispenser or diaper pail—these items make grabbing wipes and disposing of diapers faster.

Nursing Pillows

It can be challenging for twins to nurse together, and working on two separate feeding schedules is difficult. Make mom’s feeding schedule easier by purchasing a nursing pillow. Nursing pillows give babies a comfortable place to lay while feeding. Additionally, moms can bond with their babes simultaneously.

A Recipe Book

One unique gift is a recipe book. Before gifting it to her, consider asking friends and family to give recipes to record in the book, and you can also make it a digital version. Recipe books save time and energy in deciding what meal or snack to have.

Small Nursery Furniture

A side table is a gift most parents forget to put on the baby registry. Where will mom and dad set their phones, coffee, and books while taking care of the babies? It’s a great idea to gift a side table for this exact purpose. If a small corner of the room needs a little love, buy a side table for them to use and let the parents know they can continue to use it as their babies grow!

A Hospital Bag

Mom needs all the love and care she can get after delivery. Instead of only buying diapers or blankets for the twins, consider putting together a hospital goodie bag for mom to use after she delivers. A hospital goodie bag contains her essentials, such as a scrunchie, headband, a new outfit—anything that helps her feel great after her babies’ births.

Finding the best baby shower gifts for twins is not difficult; you only need to buy two of almost everything. Get creative with the baby shower gifts and watch your pregnant friend beam with delight from the thought you put into her present.

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