Best Ways To Childproof a Bedroom Window

You might think your house is completely childproof—you swear you got every nook and cranny blocked for your little one’s safety. But if you still feel that something is missing, you’re probably right: you may still need to childproof any bedroom windows. The windows are some of the essential aspects of a home to keep out of a child’s reach.

Use Window Locks

If your child’s bedroom is also their playroom, you might want to look into window locks as a solution for creating a safer playroom. All you need is a key to lock the handle, which prevents kids from trying to open the window.

Try Window-Stoppers

If you’ve noticed that cabinet-stoppers effectively prevent your little one from rummaging through the pots and pans, a window-stopper does the same job, allowing kids to open the window only up to four inches. Window-stoppers work for all window types, especially those with double-hung panes. They’re reasonably priced and easy to install.

Install Mesh Window Guards

A mesh window guard is more appealing to look at than a standard one, and kids won’t feel tempted to stick their hands or heads through bars. Most mesh window guards will fit anything 26 to 40 inches wide. It still allows kids to look outside, but they won’t be able to try to reach through it and take it down.

Install Cordless Shades

Installing cordless shades is the perfect method for creating a safer nursery. Cordless blinds aren’t just stylish; they also prevent children from wrecking the blinds to see outside—and, more importantly, from hurting themselves. The best option is a motorized blind, which allows you to control the blinds with a remote. However, you will need to charge it once every three months.

Don’t be afraid to explore different methods to childproof a bedroom window. Having a safer home means checking everything to ensure it’s all safe for children. Keep doing your thing, and remember to check the windows.

Photo – Andrea Piacquadio

Mallory Knee

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