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3 Tips for Designing a Healthy and Safe Playroom

3 Tips for Designing a Healthy and Safe Playroom

Many children are stuck inside due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Schools have closed their doors and playgrounds are shut down. Lots of parents are struggling to keep their little ones entertained. One way to keep your youngsters busy is to place them in a playroom. Follow these three tips for designing a healthy and safe playroom, so your children are occupied during this crisis.

Childproof the Room

Every parent must understand the importance of childproofing their home. A playroom is no exception. Adults must make sure that a playroom is a safe place for kids to play. Please, take precautionary measures when designing a playroom. For starters, cover all electrical outlets to avoid disasters with little ones. Make sure you put the appropriate window treatments in the room as well. Blinds and shutters are an excellent option for people with kids because youngsters can’t get caught up in them like they could with curtains or low-hanging drapes. All shelving in the space must be properly secured, too.

Sanitize Everything

Sanitation is more important than ever right now. Scientists and health officials are still unsure about the specifics regarding COVID-19. With this in mind, you must do your best to keep everything in your child’s playroom germ-free. Use disinfectant wipes to scrub everything down before you let your kids into the room. Also, only let your children play with one another right now. Don’t schedule any playdates until we’re done social distancing. You never know who has been exposed to the virus, so it’s important to limit your family’s contact with as many people as possible right now.

Buy the Safest Toys Possible

An essential tip for designing a healthy and safe playroom is to purchase easy-to-use toys. Pay attention to potential safety hazards before you allow your children to play with anything. Some toys are incredibly dangerous for young kids to use. For example, any items with smaller pieces could pose a choking hazard to little ones. Read the appropriate age ranges on each toy’s labeling before you buy anything. Make sure your kids fit that age range before you let your kiddos use them.

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