Different Toys That Improve Fine Motor Skills

Different Toys That Improve Fine Motor Skills

Your child’s fine motor skills begin developing the day they make their grand entrance. As you fall in love and watch their growth, you will accumulate an abundance of playthings and fun stuff to help in their learning. When you shop the toy aisle, consider grabbing things that continue to support their development with each play session.

Use this brief list of different toys that improve fine motor skills to help get you started!

Transforming Toys

Toys that transform are excellent for improving motor skills because of the intricate details in conversion. What begins as one thing requires deliberate finger and hand placement to change into another. An option with many unique features and a safe, accessible design like Super Wings transforming toys is great for children starting at age three and through adolescence.

Age Appropriateness

It’s best to consider your child’s age compared to the complexity of the toy. Most transforming toys will begin around age three. Introducing an advanced, themed toy to a child too young does not offer much (if any) benefit and may pose a safety risk. Meanwhile, introducing a toy meant for young children to an older child may not provide the right amount of skillset and interest.

Busy Boards

There are various things a busy board can provide to children, but typically the best benefit is sensory play. Additionally, the fine motor skills required to handle daily tasks as an adult, like zipping, tying, and buckling, are great to introduce at a young age through a busy board. The activities and textures work on fine motor skills and problem-solving through hands-on play.

Benefits of Sensory Play

The continued use of sensory playthings and activities is beneficial both physically and mentally. When the fine motor skills receive the support and enhancement necessary to evolve, there are many neurons in the brain that make critical connections. When designing a playroom, consider adding a child-height space on the wall that contains different objects for sensory engagement.

Shape Sorters

Shape sorters can look like many things, from vegetables and geometric shapes to a toolset. Consider finding a set made of wood or other natural materials to provide an organic texture. These shape sorters are introducible between 12 and 36 months old per your baby’s growth and can make great toys well into adolescence. Interacting with this toy improves their fine motor skills with the deliberate placement of the shapes while also contributing to their ability to find solutions and learn common shapes.

Problem-Solving Skills

Encouraging young minds to develop their problem-solving skills can improve their ability to communicate and collaborate. This skill can benefit them in school, extracurriculars, work, and play.

There are many different toys that improve fine motor skills for children of all ages. Remember to find the most suitable option for your lifestyle, budget, and unique child. As you shop, consider all the benefits a single toy can offer to your child!

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