How to Make Your Kid’s Room Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Kid’s Room Eco-Friendly

If you’re an eco-conscious person, you want to help ensure your child’s future is just as bright. But, as any parent knows, children retain the traits they often see presented. The best place to start teaching them about the environment is in their room. Here’s how to make your kid’s room eco-friendly to set an example.

Thrift Your Décor

Local thrift shops and garage sales have some of the best items to up-cycle that one can find. There are always bits and bobs you wouldn’t think to DIY until you see them. Children aren’t concerned with their room’s aesthetics at a certain age. However, if you are, don’t be afraid to re-furbish a headboard or turn an old chest into a toy box.

Get the Whole Family Involved

If you have an older child, you know that their room is how they express themselves and transform their style. Encourage them to be creative and make their own decorations. Plus, DIY décor can make for great family time activities. Taking them to local thrift stores is also a great way to teach them about recycling, money, and responsibility. Let them take charge of their style and steer them in the right direction.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Making sure your child’s furniture isn’t made from plastics and is ethically sourced are great ways to stay environmentally conscious. Kid’s furniture built with reforested wood creates beautiful pieces and ensures that we’re not taking more than the forests can give.

Make Recycling Beautiful

If you’ve ever gone thrifting, you’ve seen a piece of clothing that’s too odd to wear but has too much of a pretty texture to pass up. Luckily, you can create cushions, sheets, and pillowcases with recycled textiles. It’s certainly better than the fortune that a few yards of fabric costs at your local fabric store.

Choose LEDs Over Bulbs

LED light bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy than regular bulbs. Because they require less energy from power plants, it reduces emissions significantly. This means that LEDs contribute the least to carbon dioxide emissions out of all other light sources. LEDs also produce less heat and are more customizable with color and brightness.

Save Your Money and the Earth

Plus, with LEDs being 80 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs, you’ll save a sizeable penny on your electrical bill as well.

Parents always want their children to mimic their best qualities. So follow these tips to make your kid’s room eco-friendly and get a jumpstart at making them great little humans!

Photo – Pavel Danilyuk

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1 year ago

Yes, LED bulbs are the best choice for lighting. By the way, another great benefit of using such energy-efficient bulbs is low electricity bills. People who upgrade to them always notice the big difference in their utility bills.

1 year ago

Such a good article – thanks! By the way, furniture made of wood is more expensive than furniture made of similar materials, so you will certainly strive to extend the service life of this. The main enemy of wood is high humidity. Keep the humidity level normal. The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is somewhere between 30-50% humidity.