Sharing is Caring: Tips for Designing a Shared Kids Bedroom

Sharing is Caring: Tips for Designing a Shared Kids Bedroom

Asking your kids to share a bedroom can feel as though you’ve ignited a family feud, but designing a shared bedroom presents the opportunity to creatively merge your kids’ unique styles. Explore these tips for designing a shared kids’ bedroom to ensure your children have a happy cohabiting experience.

Divide the Space

It’s worthwhile to divide your kids’ shared bedroom, giving each child a designated space for themselves. How you divide the room will depend on your furnishings, like separate beds or a bunk bed, and what will best suit their individual needs. For example, if your younger kid doesn’t like to be near the window at night, you could design the space with your older child’s bed near the window and your younger child’s bed by the door.

Set Up Storage

After evaluating each child’s belongings, consider whether storage baskets or shelves will be necessary to accommodate items they’ll keep in their individual spaces. Provide extra storage and communicate with your kids about boundaries to help them understand that sharing a bedroom doesn’t mean they’re expected to share everything they own.

Choose a Color Scheme

A common tip for designing a shared kids’ bedroom is choosing a theme. This is an easy solution for determining color and décor, but agreeing on a theme doesn’t have to be the only answer. In fact, it may not be an option if your kids can’t come to an agreement. Instead, decide on a scheme of colors that complement each other. This will keep the interior of the bedroom balanced without forcing the kids’ styles to be identical.

As you design your kids’ bedroom, remember that this creative project can also be an opportunity for your kids to learn about compromise. You don’t need to include them in every aspect of the decision-making process, but you can welcome their input and bring the vision of their shared bedroom to life.

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